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TicketScore is an app for counting scores when playing Ticket To Ride®.

TicketScore lets you setup a game of two to six players/teams, and for each played round you can add the results of the round. The game is played clockwise, and if the players are entered in the order of your play, the app will visualize who's turn it is. 

Regardless of if you're playing a single game or if you're playing several ones with your friends, the TicketScore app can be used to calculate the score and store them so you could see the scores over several games, and declare a winner after some games.

A game can be declared as a Replay Round when you decide to replay a game due to, for example, suspected cheating.

TicketScore can also be used when playing fan contributed maps.

Ticket To Ride® is a Registered Trade Mark of Days of Wonder® 2004-2015, All Rights Reserved. 

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