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RummiScore is an app for counting scores when playing Rummikub® - or Rummy-O, Rummycube, Rummyking, Rummy-Q, Tile Rummy, Rummy Tile, or Remi as it's also called*.

RummiScore lets you setup a game of two to four players, and for each played round you can add the results of the round. The game is played clockwise, and if the players are entered in the order of your play, the app will visualize who's turn it is.

In Rummikub, the player who has played out all his/hers tiles wins. The other players add up the numbers on their tiles remaining on their rack. The number they get is their score in minus, and the winner get all the losers' total score as plus. The scores of each round, if summarized, should end up being zero.

If the pool of tiles should run out, you can add the current round as a replay round (where no scores are counted) or decide your self how to declare a winner and then enter the scores as usual.

Information about Rummikub can be found on

Rummikub trademark is a property of its trademark holder. The trademark holder is not affiliated with the author of RummiScore.

* According to, these names are alternate names for Rummikub®:
Challenge Rummy, Classic Rummy, Digital Game, Disney Rummikub, Miniature Rummikub, My Rummy, Original Rummikub, The Original Rummikub, Rack Rummy, Rommi, Rum-E-Go, Rumi K, Rumi-K, The Rummi Game, Rummi-Q, Rummika, Rummikid, Rummiking, Rummikub Classique, Rummikub Kompakt, Rummikub MINI, Rummikub Pocket, Rummikub XXL, Rummy, Rummy De Luxe, Rummy Joke, Rummy Junior, Rummy King, Rummy Squares, Rummy-Club, Rummy-Cue, Rummy-Gin, Rummy-Jack, Rummy-O, Rummy-O II, Rummy-Tyle, Rummybrix, Rummykub Select, Rumypok, Super X-age Rummy, Top-Rummy, Руммикуб, רומיקוב, ラミィキューブ.

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