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BlokuScore is an app for counting scores when playing Blokus®, Blokus Duo®, and Blokus Trigon® - or Blokus Giant, Giant Blokus, Blokád, The Strategy Game, ブロックス, 格格不入, or 블로커스 as it's also called, according to boardgamegeek.com.

With BlokuScore, you can set up a game of two to four players, and for each played round you can add the results of the round. If the players are entered in the order of your play, the app will visualize who's turn it is.

BlokuScore also has a built-in timer, which can be used to limit each players time of their turn.

The BlokuScore app is designed for games played with Blokus, Blokus Duo, and Blokus Trigon.

Information about Blokus can be found on wikipedia.org.

Blokus trademark is a property of its trademark holder. The trademark holder is not affiliated with the author of BlokuScore.

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